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 Cascade Geo Equipment rents the Geonics EM61 MK2A time-domain metal detector and associated equipment. Our customers include various government contractors, geological survey companies, scientific organizations, and individual enthusiasts. We stand by our commitment to rent your equipment to you in a timely manner, and in optimal condition. Contact us today to inquire about pricing and availability


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geonics em61 mk2a

The EM61-MK2A is a high sensitivity, high resolution, time domain metal detector suitable for the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Typical target response is a single, sharply defined peak, facilitating quick and accurate determination of location. Achievable depth of detection will depend on several target characteristics, with the surface area and orientation of the target of particular importance. A single 200 liter (55 gal.) drum can be detected at depths greater than three meters.

In comparison with the previous-standard EM61-MK2, the EM61-MK2A provides the same feature and performance specifications. Differences between the two models are ergonomic: because the A-model does not include a backpack for system components, the electronics console is mounted on the U-handle, and the battery is positioned in the center of the coils.

Data from multiple time gates — three or four, user-selectable — are recorded to provide a description of the response decay rate, supporting both the characterization and limited discrimination of targets. Data collection is supported by the DAS70-AR Data Acquisition System.

The system can be pushed or pulled as a trailer, by person or vehicle, as either a single unit or an array of multiple units; for multiple unit configurations, options are available to customize component specifications and layout. As may be required, with the addition of a backpack and associated cable set, the system can be carried by a single person with a belt harness.

For those who like the ruggedness of the EM61 MK2A but prefer to distribute the weight, the electronics console and battery can be mounted onto a backpack with better ergonomics for unique applications.

EM61 GPS Antenna Mount

The Geonics EM61 GPS antenna mount fits most external GPS receivers and includes brackets for both top or bottom coil assembly. The bottom coil mount assembly is for those who don’t use the top coil for data acquisition and wish to maximize production by limiting the weight of the top coil and standoffs.  

Juniper Allegro MX

The Allegro MX is the newest addition to the Juniper Systems Allegro line, continuing to meet and exceed expectations of ruggedness, reliability, and flexibility in numerous field applications. Its ergonomic design is attributed to its patented narrow waist, while its full alphanumeric keyboard with 62 large keys that are color-coordinated by function, 12 function keys that can be used as hot keys in application programs, and 5 Windows keys that provide enhanced use with Windows Mobile adds to its efficiency and functionality. This rugged handheld is rated IP67 for water and dust, and features integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, a highly outdoor-visible color display, and 12 hours of operation on a rechargeable battery.

Used extensively with a variety of field data acquisition systems, this data logger is a favorite when used simultaneously with the EM61 MK2 and a GPS system.

Juniper Archer

The Archer Field PC is the ultimate ultra-rugged handheld computer designed to survive the harshest conditions. In addition to being built to IP67 and MIL-STD-810F standards, this rugged PDA is uniquely built with a strong magnesium case and easy to grip, impact absorbing overmolds. The Archer’s ergonomic design is attributed to its curved body and narrow waist, feeling less like a “brick” and more like a compact rugged handheld. Need sub-meter GPS? The Hemisphere GPS XF101 receiver paired with the Archer delivers superior accuracy and performance for both real-time and post-processed positions.

Juniper Archer 2


Specifically designed to boost productivity and speed, the Archer 2 was made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around. Rest assured knowing you can rely on the Archer 2 to help get the work done, wherever your job takes you.

The Archer 2 incorporates all the best things about the Archer and adds to them. Featuring IllumiView™ high-visibility display, the Archer 2 remains extraordinarily bright under even the most glaring sunlight. You’ll love the responsiveness of its large, glove-friendly capacitive touchscreen and numeric keypad.

The Archer 2 also has improved connectivity capabilities, including enhanced GPS performance, and Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, serial, and USB connectivity features. The Archer 2 is a force to be reckoned with, right down to its speedy 1.0GHz processor that runs it all.

Geomar NAV61 MK2 Software Package

Geomar NAV61 MK2 Software Package for Allegro MX – Also available for sale! Please contact us for quote.

NAV61MK2 package is designed to allow the operator to collect EM61 MK2 data and GPS positions simultaneously into a single data file, while providing a graphical view of the collected GPS stations and current operator position in real time. This feature helps the operator by providing superior control over the surveyed path and line direction. It also prevents the potential for skipping areas and overlapping survey lines without losing control over the EM data quality and instrument settings, which are updated continuously on the screen in real time.

Trimble R8 Model 4 GNSS RTK Base or Rover Kit


The Trimble® R8 GNSS Receiver sets the new standard for full-featured GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver technology. This integrated system delivers unmatched power, accuracy and performance in a rugged, compact unit.

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Hemisphere GPS XF101 Receiver *  A21 External Antenna Kit * Trimble Handheld Geo XH GPS * White hand-held metal detectors * Schonstedt magnetic locator * and more!
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Cascade Geo Equipment is 100% committed to getting you your Geonics EM61 MK2A and associated subsurface detection equipment to you on time and in optimal condition, tested for your specific needs. To ask questions, and inquire about pricing please call (206) 409-3102 or contact us today.

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