Geonics EM61 MK2A  and associated subsurface detection system rentals.

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Why RentFrom CGE?

  • A Complete Metal Detection Solution Whether you work with the US military, a private contractor, or for personal use, Cascade Geo Equipment provides a complete solution to professional grade subsurface metal detection.

  • Equipment Customization and Accessories Cascade Geo Equipment has clients that require a Geonics EM61 MK2A for a variety of conditions and unique situations. We can customize equipment for our clients’ needs for efficient and accurate surveys. We also offer the antenna mounts, a selection of field PCs, GPS systems, software, and field data collection tools.

  • Quality Equipment and Service All of our equipment is fairly new and updated with the latest technology. EM61s are maintained and tested for use in the MMRP industry which holds the highest standards. We will send you the results of the equipment checks prior to each rental and, upon request, we can perform additional customized testing so you know exactly what you’re getting before it’s shipped to you!
  • While we expect minimal issues with our well-maintained equipment, often project conditions can impact the functionality of the equipment such as broken cables and damaged electronics. We understand that field time is costly which is why we are committed to provide equipment that is prepped to meet project challenges, and when necessary, replacement parts or equipment will be shipped ASAP with priority technical support to minimize costly delays.

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